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Patient Policies

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Patient Policies

Thank you for choosing Longwood Family Health for all your healthcare needs. Since our inception, the motto for our practice has always been: “Your health is our focus. A healthier you is our goal.” In order to accomplish that goal, we would like to inform you of some updates to our practice.

This website is designed to answer many of the questions that you may have. The more you know about our policies and methods of practice, the better we may be of service to you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is our goal to provide you and your family the best medical care possible and to maintain a pleasant and long-lasting relationship with each of you.


An appointment is a special time set aside by both doctor and patient to discuss a medical concern. During this time, our doctor will not see any other patient. Missing your appointment may prevent another person in need from receiving care. In the future, the person may be you. Please give us the courtesy of calling 24 hours in advance to reschedule your existing appointment or you may be charged. Of course we understand there are unexpected circumstances and emergent situations.

Billing and Financial Policy

If you have insurance, we will file the claim and bill your provider. However, patients are responsible for any required co-payments or outstanding balances. Payments are expected at the time of visit.

Billing Information

The financial policy set forth is to expect payment for your services at the time your services are rendered. Co-payments and balance dues are expected to be paid at the time of service. We will provide insurance claim filing for the insurance plans that we participate in. If there is a balance due after payment is rendered by the insurance company, we will expect your prompt payment of that balance.

It is the patient’s responsibility to provide us with current insurance plan information prior to services rendered in order for accurate billing of services to be filed. As a health care provider, our relationship is with our patients and as a team; we will continuously follow up on outstanding claims. At times, we may require the patient’s intervention to assist us and we appreciate the patient working with us in this regard.

In order to accommodate the needs and requests of our patients and the community, we have enrolled in various managed care plans. While we gladly provide this service to our patients, it is important for the patient to be familiar with the guidelines of their insurance plan requirements regarding authorizations, deductibles, co-payments and other vital requirements.

Late Policy

We ask that you help our physicians stay on schedule by planning on arriving 10 minutes early for your appointment. This will allow you to sign in and be available when you are scheduled. If you are late, we will always try to accommodate you. However, we may need to ask you to reschedule. On occasions, the doctors may be delayed due to some unexpected urgent situation. We apologize if that happens on your day at our office.

Emergencies and On Call

If you have an emergency, please call the office number which will be redirected to the answering service after hours. You can expect a call back within 30 minutes. If you cannot wait for a return call or have an emergency situation, please go to the nearest Florida Hospital Emergency Department.

Lab and Test Results

For the most part, lab and test results will be discussed at a follow-up appointment. Upon completion of the specific test, further instructions will be given as to how and when the results will be made available.

Prescription Refills

Calls for prescriptions received in this office after 12:00 p.m. will be addressed the following day after 2:00 p.m. Please try to call the office at least 48 hours in advance for all medications. Calls received after 12:00 p.m. Friday will be returned after 2:00 p.m. on following Monday.

Physician and Specialist Referrals

Please call the office at least three (3) days before the appointment to give us the information needed to complete the referral. That information includes: your name, the physician you are being referred to, his/her phone and fax numbers, the date of the appointment, the diagnosis for the referral, your insurance, whether it is for a visit or a specific procedure (such as surgery) and where it is going to be performed (office or hospital). We do not mail referrals to specialists. Please familiarize yourself with your insurance plan, and determine if it requires you to take a referral with you.

Multiple Chronic Medical Conditions

We are here to serve all of your healthcare needs. Some patients have more health challenges than others and not all of these can be addressed within one visit. Addressing and taking care of each of your conditions thoroughly is our goal. Therefore, several visits may be required to manage them in an appropriate manner.

Follow-Up on Chronic Conditions

Chronic medical conditions require routine monitoring on a regular interval to ensure that the medication you are taking is still effective and at an appropriate dosing. (e.g. Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, Asthma, Migraine, Depression, etc.) Please return at the recommended interval for re-evaluation and refill on your medication. For your safety, refills cannot be called in.

Blood Test or Other Tests

From time to time your physician will ask you to complete a test to evaluate or diagnose your condition. During your follow-up visit, a copy of the test will be given to you and the result will be explained in plain language to aid understanding. In addition, your questions will be addressed and, if needed, a referral to a specialist will be given. Test results cannot be given over the phone.

Medication Refills

All of our medications are to be filled/renewed during your visit. Please check your current supply before your visit and submit your request accordingly. To avoid error and misunderstanding, we can no longer call in prescription refills to pharmacies. This includes medications used on intermittent or daily basis.

Questions and Messages

Some patients have questions and concerns during the course of treatment. Our phone lines open at 8 a.m. Monday-Friday and many messages are received every day. Our physicians will try to address these messages during the short interval between patients. Answers are usually given within 24 hours. Priority is given to emergent, life-threatening situations. Please call us back if you do not hear from us after an appropriate time has lapsed; on the other hand, repetitive multiple phone calls on the same day will put you in the back of the line as it will be treated as a new call.


Forms or applications required by your school or employer require the physician to set aside time to review your medical record. A fee will be charged according to the complexity of the work required.

Absence from Work or School

Written note to grant for absence from work or school will only be given if you have prior exam and agreement with our physicians.

Your Personal Information

We are required by law at each new calendar year to verify your personal information. It is very important that we have the proper information to avoid incorrect billing, and so that we are able to contact you in the case of an emergent test result. Please indicate with an asterisk your primary phone number where you can be reached immediately. It is our privilege to earn your trust and to be able to meet and exceed all of your health care needs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the aforementioned policies, please call our office at 407.862.3400.

Records Release

Please complete the records release form (Health Information Disclosure Form) to obtain your medical records from your previous family physician and any specialists you may be consulting. Our Practice Privacy Policy is available at the office for your review.